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"We love to follow and listen to the String Ties because each individual is an accomplished musican

---put them together and it's dynamite."  ~Harry and Sue P.


Larry Dalton_______________________________________________________________________________________________________Stand Up Bass


A Larry.jpgnative of the Chicago area and an alumnus of the Michigan State University Jazz Band, upright bassist Larry Dalton's music career has spanned big band, classical, rockabilly, folk, and jazz, as well as bluegrass.His moment of international fame was a brief appearance on the Gong Show (gonged by Jamie Farr of "MASH"). Larry has been featured in jazz groups with Bobby Lewis, Mary Louise Knutson, and with brother Bert Dalton in the Dalton Brothers Trio. He has appeared at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Woody Guthrie Festival, and other venues backing Larry Long, sharing the stage with Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Peter Ostrushko, Debbie Duncan and Prudence Johnson.Larry has also recorded with Ariane Lydon, Lynn Biddick, Brian Sirchio, Hans Mayer, and Clay Riness.



Tommy Pfaff ______________________________________________________________________________________________________5 String Banjo


Tom bio.jpgTommy Pfaff has been stuck on the banjo since he began chording Tin Pan Alley tunes on his Grandma's little old banjo uke.From those early Dixieland roots, sprang the Bluegrass style of banjo that Tommy has played and taught for over 30 years.Along the way, he has shared the stage with musicians of every stripe:country, rock, folk, blues, dixie, jazz, and polka.Despite these many years of experience and experiences, Tommy nonetheless has failed to learn how to play the banjo in even a remotely musical way.He has concluded, therefore that people take such an instant dislike to his banjo "music" because, well, "it just saves time".




Wayne Beezley ________________________________________________________________________________________________________Mandolin



ST_web_pic2.jpgWayne Beezley grew up in Paonia, Colorado, where he started listening to bluegrass and old time music when he was about 11 years old. The family had an old "tater bug" style mandolin hanging on the wall, so Wayne got it down and started plunking around on it. He played with the Colorado based bluegrass band Monroe Doctrine, through which passed such notables as Charles Sawtelle, Danny Weiss, Tony Trischka, and Mark Hembree. Wayne moved to the Winona, MN area and expanded his musical horizons with the country-rock band North Country Band, and stretched out even further with a jam band called WEDG. He is comfortable in bluegrass, folk, swing, jazz, rock, jam, and whatever you want to throw at him. (Except hip-hop). Wayne currently plays with String Ties, The Chris Silver Band, Schwa, and the Bus Boys.



Dan Sebranek ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Guitar


Dan Sebranek started playing four string banjo atdan's_string_tie_solo_shot_for_website_528[1].JPG the age of ten. His brother Larry was taking banjo lessons and encouraged Dan to pick up the instrument. Dan did pick up the banjo and other instruments thereafter. After a couple of years he switched to the electric guitar. There was always music around the Sebranek household. Dan's father (Virgil Sebranek) played guitar. Dan picked up his dad's guitar and started to learn Rock and Roll. At the age of fifteen, Dan started playing in a high school rock and roll band called Phoenix. They played live music at various local venues until 1980. His high school band mates all went their own ways after graduation. It was then Dan became more serious about playing music as a lifetime profession. He eventually added the acoustic guitar to his repertoire and began traveling across the nation. Dan spent three years traveling the road with Bill Miller. Later he became an integral part of several bluegrass/newgrass bands. Many of Dan's friends have enjoyed experiencing the music of the Runaway acoustic duo that includes Johnsmith. Dan and John have several compact disc recordings after over ten years of concert venues together. John invited Dan on a musical tour of Ireland that remains unforgettable. Dan has also shared the stage with Hans Mayer and more recently recorded with Hans on his newest children's album that encourages the use of green clean energy. These days you might find Dan playing a little rock and roll with his high school friends for a reunion. You might see him in concert with Johnsmith or Hans Mayer. He spends time with his musical friends (Mark Waelti and Randy Marsh) in Florida where you might hear a bit of Fogelberg or the faint sounds of Jimmy Buffet. Most of all Dan keeps the music of his Wisconsin family roots close to his heart in the bluegrass band STRING TIES.